11 de julio de 2017

Welcome to Bilanz Auditores SC at UC&CS Global

Dear UC&CS Global Members

Enclosed you will find the PRESS RELEASE, wereas we anounce the recent formal incorporation of


with presence in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey.

We want to give them a warm WELCOME to our Worldwide Network, of Accountants, Lawyers and Business Advisors.

Mauricio Mobarak, MBA
UC&CS Global

6 de julio de 2017

Updating sections of the website

Dear associates of the firm:
We inform you that the Taxes Worldwide section has been updated with information from Belarus and Spain.
Likewise, summary tables of taxes have been published in Cyprus, Greece, Romania, United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates.

Doing Business has also been added in Belarus.

We hope the information will be of great use to you.

5 de julio de 2017

New member in Mexico City

Dear UC&CS Global Members

Enclosed you will find the PRESS RELEASE, wereas we anounce the recent formal incorporation of


with presence over MÉXICO, SPAIN and CHINA-HONG KONG.

We want to give them a warm WELCOME to our Worldwide Network, of Accountants, Lawyers and Business Advisors.

Mauricio Mobarak, MBA
UC&CS Global

(Press release)

21 de abril de 2017

New member in Guadalajara, Jalisco

Dear UC & CS Associates AMERICA and UC & CS Global Members:

We hereby accompany the Press Release-Press Release to WELCOME our new Associate in Guadalajara, Jalisco, GLO COUNTERS, presided over by its Managing Partner, Enrique Gómez, who from now on is our Member and Affiliate in the Second The most important city in MEXICO, characterized by its important technological activity, known as the "Silicon Valey Mexicano"

We give the most cordial WELCOME to Enrique and his Office, along with his partners, to our Great Professional Family of UC & CS AMERICA and UC & CS GLOBAL.

Congratulations Enrique, we hope you enjoy at all times your Membership to our Network and World Association, which with your entry is strengthened more in the Mexican and Latin American market.


Mauricio Mobarak, MBA
President of the World Council

17 de abril de 2017


OBJECTIVE: An outstanding professional services firm is one that identifies and develops unparalleled knowledge, skills and experience on its partners. There are probably no 360-degree partners, nor should they exists. 

On the other hand, certain functions within the firm are so important that is normal for all partners to act to a minimum in these areas, standing out in others. The main responsibilities of most partners are customer services (measured on the basis of supervised fees or billable hours), satisfactory retention of them and new business generated (including expansion of services to existing customers). The additional areas that are considered indispensable for the excellence of the firm are:

  • Development and retention of human resources
  • Ability to be administrative in the broadest sense, contributing to the economic success of the Firm.
  • Teamwork and achievement of the firm´s goals
  • Overall personal effectiveness

The purpose of this document is to link the strategies of the firm and offices in these areas to the individual goals of the partners, their subsequent evaluation and reward their performance. This form will serve as a record of individual performance in their goals, results achieved against those goals and an overall rating of the level of results achieved during the year.

The document can be found at:


(You need to login with your Intranet username and password)

14 de marzo de 2017


Dear UC&CS Global Independent Members:

Enclosed, you will find the IAB WORLD SURVEY 2017, with 2016 year end data, about the World Groups, Networks and Associations, showing for UC&CS Global, each day and year passing, a better postion, that embraces our daily efforts, to postion ourselves, as a candidate, very soon for the TOP 10 of the Firms, even in Latin America, Mexico and in many Latin countries, we have achieved that position.

Most important data on the Survey is shown as follows:

186 US millions in total revenue
25% Growth this year
23% of Auditing and accounting services
74% of Tax and Legal services
3% of Consulting Services
2,188 Total Staff
233 Partners
1,635 Professional Staff
320 Administrative Staff
186 Offices
Network Number 23-Globally
Network Number 6 in Latin America
Network Number 27 in Europa

Network Number 23 in NorthAmérica

UC&CS GLOBAL - Association
239 US millions in total revenue
23% of Auditing and accounting services
73% of Tax and Legal services
4% of Consulting Services
2,334 Total Staff
254 Partners
1,739 Professional Staff
341 Administrative Staff
190 Offices

Association Number 18 Globally

Association Number 1 in Latin America
Association Number 21 in Europe
Association Number 21 in North America
Association Number 21 in Asia Pacific
Association Number 19 in Middle East
Association Number 19 in Africa

About the Global Numbers, we can identify the following:

Big 4 have a 66% market share
Next 6 with  15%
The rest- 19%
Our Firm is in the NEXT 6 Group, in Latin America

Average revenue of all Firms-Networks and Associations, same as the Big 4 share is:

41% Auditing

24% Tax
31% Consulting
4% Others

Countries with outstanding growth, in their profesional services revenue are:




Global Growth- 4%

Asia Pacific 6%
Europe 2%
LatinAmérica decreased 8%
Middle East decresead 2%
Africa decresead 9%

I want to congratuate each of you, because having all the diamonds in one single jewell,we have created with you, all the Affiliated and Independent Members of UC&CS GLOBAL, a
Market Positioning very strong, which will lead us to increase the flow of Referrals and the Credibility of our Firm.

Yours very truly

Mauricio Mobarak G., MBA
World Council President, UC&CS Global

16 de noviembre de 2016

New member in Jakarta, Indonesia

We are glad to inform you the recent incorporation of Shohibul Kaslani Komarianto & Santosa, Certified Public Accountants to our International Association UC&CS GLOBAL 

Jakarta, Indonesia

Shohibul Kaslani Komarianto & Santosa, Certified Public Accountants (SKKS, CPA)

Mr. Atok Komarianto as Managing Partner
Mr. Shohibul Imam as Partner
Mr. Kaslani as Managing Partner
Mr. Rakhmat Adi Santosa as Partner

The Firm was Established in Jakarta, Indonesia in December 2014 by the three partner. In May 2016 by four partner. The Firm has offices in Jakarta, Indonesia.

SKKS, CPA which have independent practitioners and young professional with professional certification to assist our client, creditor, government agency and other stakeholders  to face problem that appear from business expansion along with Improvement technologies.

SKKS, CPA, registered at : 
- The Indonesia Supreme Audit Institution (BPK) with letter No. 282/STT/VIII/2016, dated August 29, 2016
- The Indonesia Financial Services Authority (OJK BANK) with letter No. S-95/PB.122/2016. dated October 13, 2016
- The Indonesia Procurement – The National Public Procurement Agency (LPSE – LKPP)
- The Indonesia Procurement – The Ministry of Finance (LPSE – Kemenkeu)

The Professional and Staff of the Company is about 24 people and they are specialized in the following areas:
- Audit & Assurance Services : General Audit; Audit Compliance; Performance audit; Audit Intern; Due Diligence; Review and Agreed Upon Procedures.
- Accounting & Consulting Services : Review budget; Accounting services; Design and implementation of accounting system; Feasibility study; Risk management and Formulation and implementation of standard operating procedures.
- Tax Services : Taxation for Routine Reports / Monthly; Taxation for the Annual Report and Others Services taxes.
- Non-Assurance Services: Designing Merger; Human Resources Training; Others Business Planning and Management Services and Preparation of Regional Head Accountability Report.
- Sharia Business Services: Check-up business; Business Conversion; Business Training and Making Business Sharia.

This Company was admitted to our organization, following their interest for joining and their satisfactory application submitted.

Their information, to be contacted, is as follows:

Shohibul Kaslani Komarianto & Santosa, Certified Public Accountants

Multipiranti Graha Building
Radin Inten Road 2 / 2
Duren Sawit, East Jakarta, 13430
Tel : +62 21 22857998 ; 62 21 8632782 
Fax : +62 21 8632765 
Mob :  +62 815.9991653 ; 62 823.11896376
WA : +62 856.56211123
BBM : 5390764B
Email : atok_komarianto@yahoo.com ; atok.cpa@gmail.com             
Web : www.skks.co.id
Contact: Atok Komarianto

We participate of this very important AFFILIATION, but mainly we give them a warm:


On behalf of the Members of the World Council of the Global Firm.

Mauricio Mobarak, MBA
President of the World Council
México City, November 2016